The Hope Raisers
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One day in 2008, while scavenging through the Dandora dumpsite, 16-year old Kenyan boy Daniel Onyango discovered a pair of rollerblades. Fascinated, he took the pair back to his slum of Korogocho to try. The exotic equipment immediately caught the attention of all the kids – particularly Chumbana and her older sister Lucy.

They knew nothing about rollerblading, but dreamed of using it to do the impossible: prove to people in Korogocho that they too were capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. Plagued by serious problems such as gang violence, shortage of food and water, and lack of enough rollerblades, the odds could not have been stacked more against them.

The Hope Raisers is a remarkable book that follows Chumbana and Lucy on their journey to defy the odds of becoming the best rollerbladers in all of Africa, while simultaneously pushing other girls in Korogocho to stand up for their dreams.



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