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Nihar's talks are primarily targeted towards high school students, and how they can ignite the power of inspiration/leadership to achieve their goals. However, he also speaks and consults on a variety of other topics. To acquire additional information or to book Nihar for your next event, contact him HERE.


St. George's College North

-Headmaster, St. George's College North

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"From the beginning Nihar charmed, interested and captivated the students. His joie de vivre, empathy with young people and regard for fascinating narrative captured the attention of not only the students but the adults as well. It is well to note, that he was speaking to an English as a Second Language audience, but the clarity and rhythm of his oratory ensured even the weakest of English speakers understood him without difficulty. Nihar was deft in his involvement of the audience with practical activities and crowd pleasers that woke up even the most somnolent of onlookers. By the end he had the students exactly where he wanted them and dealt with the copious questions with evident aplomb. He was helped by the fact that, as an Ivy League alumnus, his path through university was one to which many of our students aspired. He is a great example to people of all ages."

Cape Town Public Libraries

-Senior Librarian, Cape Town Public Libraries 

(Cape Town, South Africa)

"Nihar's quiet demeanor belies his positive confidence. This coupled with being able to relate with youth made him popular amongst the young people that he interacted with at Masiphumelele Library in Cape Town, South Africa. There is no doubt that they will take his positive message as encouragement for future endeavors."

Canadian International School Tokyo

-Principal, Canadian International School Tokyo 

(Tokyo, Japan)

"Absolutely incredible story and words of wisdom. Our students sincerely appreciated Nihar's visit and enthusiasm."

International School of Kenya

-Program Coordinator, International School of Kenya 

(Nairobi, Kenya)

"We particularly enjoyed Nihar's interactions with teachers and students during his talk. He came at a time when students' minds were buzzing with questions about college and what to do next. Nihar was very relatable and engaging. His presentation was well-pitched and the students responded well to his casual and thoughtful comments."

Central Library, Cape Town

-Assistant Librarian, Central Library

(Cape Town, South Africa)

"Nihar visited Central Library, Cape Town for a talk to the young people that frequent this library. He spoke about the concepts and ideas in Win No Matter What and The Corridor of Uncertainty, and our teens and young adults were enthralled. This motivational session inspired several of the attendees to start pursuing their dreams of writing and motivational speaking, having living proof that age alone does not disqualify anyone from achieving greatness."

Braeburn International School

-Headmaster, Braeburn International School

(Arusha, Tanzania)

"Nihar spoke to our students in Arusha, Tanzania. His positive words of inspiration and ways of looking at the world were a real motivation to our classes."

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