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The poignant and inspiring true story of three young Kenyans who fought to transform their slum and improve the lives of those around them. Korogocho is one of Kenya's darkest slums, plagued by gang violence, food and water shortages, and rampant pollution. Most children have no future except for scavenging through trash piles or resorting to lives of crime. One day, a boy...Read More

Rowman & Littlefield

(November 15, 2022)

194 pages

ISBN: 978-1538168738

The Corridor of Uncertainty Afghanistan Cricket Cover

In 1979, Afghanistan erupted into one of the most brutal civil wars ever. The fighting lasted almost a decade, throwing the country into a period of political instability, harsh leadership, and extreme danger. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, and millions relocated to refugee camps. The rest of the world began to believe that violence would always define Afghans. However, deep in the...Read More

Pitch Publishing

(February 1, 2016)

192 pages

ISBN: 978-1785311178

Win No Matter What Overcome Your Obstacles Cover

Whether we like it or not, our daily life routine can quickly turn into a repetitive mechanical process of dullness. When we go to school, work, or practice, do we actually engage 100 percent in the activities that we decide to take on? Well, probably not. The reason for this is simple: our level of engagement in an activity is constantly influenced by mood, attitude, and the staggering number of people...Read More

Balboa Press

(May 23, 2013)

74 pages

ISBN: 978-1452574370

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