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Reflections on India

Just like that, my time in India has come to an end. As with any trip, the entire thing seems to have been a blur. I couldn't be more grateful for all the venues I got to speak at and the places I got to see. It was a great start to my book tour. However, after some reflection, here are the main points that I will remember forever about India.

  • The relaxed culture - It's truly incredible how relaxed the people in India are. I feel like the people of the Western world are always stressed out, going from one task to the next. Indians go around constantly telling each other not to be tense. Even during a two hour car ride, they'll stop twice to drink tea and eat a meal. Perhaps some of the ideas from India's relaxed culture can be incorporated into the Western world. This would result in more enjoyable days.

  • The simplicity - I mentioned this in the story of Babu Rajwadi, but majority of the people around India live very simple lives. We take many luxury items (phones, tablets, PCs, etc.) for granted in the Western world. One day before I left India, I saw a girl playing with an empty box and piece of string. It was her modern toy...and she was so happy with it. Her smile was instantly engraved into my mind. When I was a kid, I was only happy when I got the newest video game or model car.

  • The prioritization - Most people try their hardest to fit you in for twenty minutes of their busy schedules. Indians try their hardest to make you fit them in for several hours your schedule. They don't seem to care about work or how busy they are when it comes to making human connections. In my mind, this is exactly how it should be. People I barely knew sat with me for hours at a time, just holding deep conversations. The art of genuine human relationships is lost in many parts of the world today. We can all relearn this art from India.

It's true that the traffic and pollution in India can be bad, but no country is perfect. The closest thing to perfection is excellence - and excellence can be achieved by incorporating as many good virtues and values into our lives as possible, such as the countless positive qualities that India has to offer. I am truly thankful for everything I got a chance to experience there, and look forward to going back again very soon. For now, it's on to South Africa!

Incredible India

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