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The Corridor of Uncertainty: Internationally Released!

The Corridorof Uncertainty

Press Release: In 1979, Afghanistan erupted into one of the most brutal civil wars ever. The fighting lasted almost a decade, throwing the country into a period of political instability, harsh leadership, and extreme danger. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, and millions relocated to refugee camps. The rest of the world began to believe that violence would always define Afghans.

However, deep in the refugee camps of Pakistan, displaced native Afghan children had a dream to unite their country once again with peace. The solution was disguised in the game of cricket. These children began to learn cricket, and persevered against the danger, criticism, and unrest to create the first-ever Afghan national cricket team.

With unrivalled access to the team and players during the 2015 Cricket World Cup, Nihar Suthar tells the story of their inspiring journey to change Afghanistan in one of the most under-told, heart-warming sports stories of all time.

Just as every batsman struggles to hit deliveries in the corridor of uncertainty, the Afghan cricket team faced similar doubts, problems and extreme danger in its quest to mend a war-torn nation.

  • The Corridor of Uncertainty is an inspirational story, which will be of interest to every fan of the international game.

  • Be part of the Afghan cricket team’s incredible journey, rising from the worst cricket team in the world to a top-ten ODI powerhouse.

  • Nihar Suthar’s treatment of a great cricketing story is creative and multi-dimensional, seamlessly blending in other aspects of everyday life in Afghanistan, such as politics, religion and culture.

  • Offers a vivid experience of the conditions in Kacha Garhi refugee camp where many Afghan cricketers grew up.

  • The book features never-before heard stories from Afghan cricketers including Hamid Hassan, Mohammad Nabi and Karim Sadiq Khan.

  • Includes colour photo section

About the Author

Nihar Suthar is an award-winning writer, covering inspirational stories around the world. He strives to publish works that break the status quo. Suthar was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Cornell University in January 2016.

Please contact: Derek Hammond

mob: 07947 634535

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