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Attaining Happiness in a Materialistic Culture

“How can I attain true happiness?” is one of the most popular questions that is constantly asked around the world. This seemingly simple, yet perplexing topic has led to the inundation of self-help books, life coaches, and even “happiness pills.” According to BrainBlogger, the self-improvement industry in the United States alone is worth more than $10bn per year. ABC News further reports that the easiest way to get rich is to publish a self-help book or enter the self-improvement industry.

What begs to be asked next is, “Why do people still continue to ask the question of how they can attain happiness if there are so many resources and such a large self-improvement industry out there?” Well, first off, many of the books, coaches, and pills out there are money-making scams. Secondly, endless analysis of the question, “How can I attain true happiness?” has led to unnecessarily complicated answers. The solution is really quite straightforward. In this post, I will take a step back and answer the question in an elementary manner - something which half of the self-improvement industry has been unable to do.

The key to attaining true happiness is through spirituality. Many people believe that true happiness is acquired through materialistic objects. This is not true. While today’s culture certainly places an emphasis on owning materialistic objects, having the best clothes or luxury items is not the path to attaining true happiness. The only path to attaining true happiness is through spirituality.

So, what exactly is spirituality? In the broadest sense, it is a connection to something greater than ourselves. Spirituality is a common and shared human experience. People usually describe it as a deep feeling of satisfaction, being alive, or interconnectedness. It is completely up to you where you find spirituality. Some people find it through religion (at temples, mosques, churches, etc.), and some other people find it through art, nature, or relationships.

Where do you find your spirituality, or connection to something greater than yourself? Feel free to share your comments!


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