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Author Nihar Suthar to Release Book, Movie

Press Release: Author and entrepreneur Nihar Suthar has a passion for inspiring others and giving back. Through his works, he strives to motivate others to greatness by sharing true stories of overcoming adversity. To that end, he has been working on his newest project that he hopes will hit the big screen as well. The Corridor of Uncertainty is the true underdog story of Afghanistan’s successful cricket team. He believes their inspiring story of rising above all obstacles to finally have a chance at a World Cup title next year has not gotten the attention it deserves. Suthar hopes to change that. He has interviewed a number of the team’s members in preparation for the project and hopes to have the book released next year to coincide with the Cricket World Cup competition. A portion of profits from his project will go to benefit schools and cricket academies in Afghanistan. In addition, Suthar is also in the process of finalizing a deal with producers in California to turn The Corridor of Uncertainty into a film. Production is anticipated to begin shortly after the book’s release. More details about the book release and movie will be announced on Suthar’s website, located at, as they become available.

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