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Debut Motivational Book Released by Nihar Suthar

Press Release: Nihar Suthar announces the release of his first motivational book, Win No Matter What. The "grind," as it's called, of repetitive tasks involved in most work days drives most of us crazy or to distraction at the very least. Win No Matter What takes the experience of helping motivate over 100,000 individuals and distills the essential lessons into a guide for how to break loose of mechanical processes. The motivational book focuses on what it calls the Terrible Trio of mood, attitude and those around us as factors for why we lose 100% engagement at school, work or practice. According to Win No Matter What, the act of determining when and how this trio affects us helps provide a sense of control and a feeling of motivation to even the most common routines. Nihar Suthar is donating a portion of the sale of every book to the Acumen Fund, a charity investing in solutions to combat global poverty. The Acumen Fund is a non-profit specializing in investing in start-up companies located in impoverished areas which provide affordable community access to agricultural tools, education, clean energy, healthcare and safe drinking water. About the Acumen Fund and his desire to help their cause of investing in local entrepreneurs, Nihar says, "Unfortunately, at least 80 percent of humanity lives on merely $10 a day. It's amazing to see everyone from all over the world though come together to tackle this issue and make a difference. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey." Published by Balboa Press, Nihar Suthar's motivational book, Win No Matter What, is available by going to


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